May 7, 2012

Queen’s Cup Steeplechase 2012

By Jamey Price In Recent Work

On the last Saturday of every April, 15,000 people leave Charlotte city limits and come out to the country for a day of celebration, fun, atmosphere, charity, and steeplechase horse racing. Bringing lavish hats, sundresses, dapper bow ties, sport coats and a spread of food that makes most tailgate parties look like amateur hour, the crowds truly get involved with this unique day.

Though the forecast was for warm temperatures and sunny skies, that weather never showed up. Despite the chill and cloudy skies, it turned out to be one of the best years in the history of the organization. If the crowds are a judge of economic health in the region, then Charlotte is well on it’s way to getting back on it’s feet. With crowd numbers higher than they have been in recent years and a check for tens of thousands of dollars handed over to Make a Wish, Queen’s Cup wrapped up another fantastic year with packed fields of the best steeplechasers in America, and happy fans in the infield. Thanks to everyone for making it a special day for all of us associated with the Queen’s Cup!


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