July 14, 2015

Look Ma! We’re on TV!

By Jamey Price In Recent Work, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Sports Car Racing

I’m sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings, which is mostly empty, in Ithaca New York, with one of our Lamborghini Super Trofeo drivers. We plead with the bar man to turn the tv to CBS Sports for us. It’s 9pm and there is good tv to watch! The first national broadcast of a North American Lamborghini Super Trofeo race is on live tv for the world to see! We sat in our seats eating dinner, watching a first class broadcast that made an exciting race look even more exciting with excellent commentary and good story lines. This is truly awesome. But let me put it in perspective…..

I’ve written this before, but back in 2013, when I took the job as series photographer, my pictures were the only way anyone knew that we had actually had a race happen. One weekend, we even went to a track where there was not a single fan to be found in the stands, which didn’t exist anyway. The only crowd we had in Calabogie that weekend was a stray deer that ran across the track, and a shit load of mosquitos which I bravely fought off while snapping away in the Canadian wilderness. I think we had a field of 8 cars that race….

Suffice to say, we have come a long way from small fields racing in obscure places to big fields racing alongside the premiere devision of sportscars in the United States. I know there are many people at Lamborghini responsible for this explosive growth. But it is staggering to think how far we have come in such a short amount of time.

I’m fortunate and proud that I am still here, every weekend with Lamborghini and the Super Trofeo drivers I’ve come to know as well as my own friends and family. We move on to our next round in the middle of August to the rolling hills of Southern Virginia at VIR. Come cheer the series on.

Thanks to Lamborghini, Centigrade, Jason, Martin, Chris, Lexi, Jake,   Ruthie, Marissa and all the drivers and teams and catering staff that make our series run.

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  1. Zi July 16, 2015

    Hello! I’m very new to motor-sports because my husband got me into it. Every time he goes to the track to ride his motorcycle, I take photos of him and others but it’s a whole new learning experience for me. A few weeks ago, I came across an article about you. Ever since, I have been frequently visiting your website, and you’ve become my inspiration. I’ve been diligently studying your photos, and even though I’m an amateur, I hope someday I can take photos like yours.
    Please keep posting photos and creating these blogs. It’s very informative to me and a handful of people out there!


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