February 4, 2016

A Hard Day’s Night

By Jamey Price In Recent Work, Sports Car Racing

“Tower, this is Echo Charlie Zero. We have a couple photographers here covering the race and they are looking to get some photos of the track at night. Do we have permission to fly directly over the speedway?” “Echo Charlie Zero, this is tower. You are clear to pass over the speedway for the next hour. Please stay above 1,200 feet.”

With that, we were off!!! I may have paraphrased that conversation, but that was more or less the gist of it. Four of us, including our KICK ASS pilot Jose, were bounding down the runway that runs adjacent to the Daytona International Speedway and airborne in a matter of seconds in our little Cessna plane. I remember flying over the speedway during the race a few years ago on my way toward Jerez to cover F1 pre-season testing. But that was from 30,000 feet. This was slightly different.

Looking out the plexiglass window, I could clearly see the cars. Not just generic cars, but specific cars at specific parts of the race track. “Look, there goes the Change Racing Lambo through the bus stop!! The number 4 Corvette just passed a Porsche around the horseshoe. Oh look, another safety car!” The speedway was a bright oval of light in an otherwise dim Florida world. We had already been racing for 6 hours in the 54th edition of the Daytona 24 when our foursome took off to make some unique images that to my knowledge, have never been done before.

Daytona is a special race. This was my second time covering it and my third 24 hour that I’ve covered in my career. Daytona is not the most glamorous of race tracks. It’s no Le Mans. It’s no Sebring. But I will tell you that standing below the banking at 4:53am, or watching the cars circle the ENTIRE track from the top of the grandstands in the middle of the night, just watching and listening to the symphony of engines is really very special. When the sun rose over the speedway an hour or so later, it revealed what the night had hid so well. Cars covered in grime, grease and rubber, with duct taped together fenders and wings. These were machines at war. If you’re still on track, then you survived the long Daytona night. But just because the sun is up, doesn’t mean the race is done. Even at sunrise, you still have seven and a half hours of racing to go.

This year was particularly memorable for me. Lamborghini has had me covering three seasons of Super Trofeo since 2013. But for the first time, they would enter professional endurance racing in America. I was humbled when I was asked to cover the effort and tell the story with my cameras. Fielding five customer cars, they had as good of a shot as anyone to win. But it was not to be. One car was taken to the garage with electrical issues before sunset, two others committed the ultimate sin of taking each other out and the fourth car coming OH SO CLOSE to winning, but ultimately came up 3 minutes short on fuel. But that’s racing in a nutshell.

I love that about car racing, and endurance racing especially. You never know what will happen. Even to the very last minute. There is so much to see. So much to do. So many ways to cover it. There were probably 100 or more photographers there working the 24. And there were thousands more fans with cameras. But no two of us has the same image. I saw the race differently than they did. And they saw the race differently than I did. Here is how I saw the 54th Daytona 24 hour.

Endless and sincere thanks to Lamborghini, O’Gara Motorsport, Car and Driver, Top Gear, The Drive, Chiara, Lorenzo, Sascha, Giorgio, Rene, Chris, Parris, Alex, Foster, Jose, and so many more I can’t even name them all in one place. I am so thankful to have the support of amazing clients, both old and new, and the platforms to share my images.

JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4154 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4462 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4351 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4295 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4261 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4218 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4167JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4466 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4518 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4565 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-14557 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-5519 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-15011 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-15044JPrice_Daytona24_2016-5599 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-15293 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-5643 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-15473 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-15710 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-5719 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-15760JPrice_Daytona24_2016-5849 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Spray from a race car at Daytona JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16074 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16215 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6047 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Ferrari sits on pitlane JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6264JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16319 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6519 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16538 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: American flag, Daytona atmosphere JPrice_Daytona24_2016-17133 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6889 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-7226JPrice_Daytona24_2016-7312JPrice_Daytona24_2016-7363 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-7559 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Atmosphere at the Daytona 24 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-18455January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Corey Lewis, Change RacingJPrice_Daytona24_2016-18760January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Flags at the Daytona 24 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-7818 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-7878 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-18893 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-8021 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-8169 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-18969JPrice_Daytona24_2016-8343 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-8767 January 30-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Flags at the Rolex 24 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini JPrice_Daytona24_2016-9070 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-9104 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-9169January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Prototype Start of the 54th Daytona 24January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: GTLM Start of the 54th Daytona 24 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Racing actionJPrice_Daytona24_2016-0607 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: JPrice_Daytona24_2016-1224JPrice_Daytona24_2016-10116January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Fan at the Daytona 24 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-10731 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-10930 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-11189January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Daytona speedway at night. January 30-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Daytona Speedway banking from the air January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Daytona speedway at night. January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Daytona speedway at night.January 30-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Arial of Daytona banking from the air. January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Daytona speedway at night. January 30-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Daytona speedway from the air January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Daytona speedway at night. JPrice_Daytona24_2016-2541JPrice_Daytona24_2016-2659 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Change Racing Lamborghini mechanics JPrice_Daytona24_2016-3418 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-3816 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-3922 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4151JPrice_Daytona24_2016-12237 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-12696JPrice_Daytona24_2016-2 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-13655 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-13839 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-13887 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-4730 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-14542 January 30-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: A mechanic sleeps during the Daytona 24 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-14600 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-5509 January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: #73 Park Place Motorsport, Porsche JPrice_Daytona24_2016-14697 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-5812JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6017JPrice_Daytona24_2016-15009JPrice_Daytona24_2016-15829JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16124 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16250 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6705JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16353 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16567JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6825JPrice_Daytona24_2016-16614 JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6905JPrice_Daytona24_2016-6943 JPrice_Daytona24_2016- January 27-31, 2016: Daytona 24 hour: Corvette Racing detail JPrice_Daytona24_2016-7205

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  2. Steve Ringler February 5, 2016

    Truly impressive pictures, I would love to be able to take pictures of this quality as well have the eye to see it.
    Love the shots

  3. FM February 5, 2016

    Just fantastic stuff… Really beautiful!

  4. Jon E. Corvette Racing Fan ;-) February 5, 2016

    Amazing photos! 🙂 This really captures the nerve of a 24-hour race. Great…no….AMAZING work! 🙂

  5. Tom Poleski February 5, 2016

    Great photo gallery !

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    Awesome pictures

  7. Brian Healy February 6, 2016

    What fantastic work! Thanks so much for doing this.

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    Thank you!

  11. Jamey Price February 16, 2016

    Thank you!!

  12. Cédric February 26, 2016

    Magnifique ! Félicitation

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    Amazing, Jamey, just amazing.

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