January 4, 2016

Keep Pounding

By Jamey Price In Recent Work

Charlotte has been through a lot when it comes to the Carolina Panthers. A handful of good years, and more than our fair share of bad ones. They went 1 (win)- 15 (losses) in 2001, and 2- 14 in 2010. But not this year! Cam Newton led the Panthers to a league best 15 wins and 1 loss in the regular season. Only the Atlanta Falcons managed to knock the Panthers off from a rare 16 and 0 season. 

As a photographer, I’ve pointed my lens at my fair share of sports and subjects. The Kentucky Derby, professional swimming, pretty much every college sport you can imagine, NASCAR, Indycar, Le Mans, Sebring, MotoGP and Formula 1. However, I’d never had the chance to cover an NFL game….until the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came to Charlotte and played the Panthers on Sunday evening, and I was given access to cover it for QC Exclusive.

I’ve been a football fan my whole life and a Panthers fan since my hometown was given an NFL franchise in 1995. I know how the game works. But I knew covering a game with a camera would be a new challenge. The speed of the players, crowded sidelines, and bullet passes coming off Cam Newton’s arms were as hard to capture as was knowing where to stand to cover the play as it was unfolding. Overall, I did the best I could and came home with a few images I’m proud of.

Keep Pounding. GO PANTHERS! 

Endless thanks to JP, Brett, Ryan, Chelsea, Mark, Chris, Rainier and Melissa AND the Panthers for the advice and opportunity to cover the game. 
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All images © Jamey Price / QC Exclusive 2016

  1. Bill January 4, 2016

    Amazing shots. Got the spirit of the game and of the day.

  2. Lluis January 5, 2016

    Not words!! Very nice one

  3. Erin Cross January 5, 2016

    Great work Jamey!

  4. William Keith Lewis January 6, 2016

    Well done. Some unique shots.

  5. William Keith Lewis January 6, 2016

    Nice work. Very cool.

  6. Laura Edwards January 7, 2016

    Wonderful work Jamey! I must get back to Charlotte for a visit! Your folks, Queen’s Cup, Panthers, American Girl….. etc, etc.. !!!

  7. Rebecca January 8, 2016

    Jamey you outdid yourself with this. Amazing just amazing.

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