January 25, 2016

Just One More

By Jamey Price In Recent Work

The Carolina Panthers did it. They knocked off the Arizona Cardinals with a commanding victory in the NFC Championship game, which was held in Charlotte for the very first time. It was awesome in every sense of the word. With the energy of the crowd, the Cam Newton acrobatics that twice landed him in the end zone as he dove over the Cardinal defense, the relentless onslaught of interceptions, sacks and hard hits, and huge offensive drives, it was an unforgettable night. 

I noticed something after the game. When the Panthers’ team captains stood on the podium to collect the NFC Championship trophy; All but one player wanted to hold that coveted trophy. The trophy they had worked so hard as a team to earn. Against doubters and haters and tough teams, they had beaten their division’s best opponents, and landed themselves a spot in Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton wouldn’t touch it. He held it ever so briefly for a team captain photo with the trophy, but would never personally hold the trophy as each of the other 5 men did.

Why? Because this trophy was not the trophy he was after. Look out Denver Broncos. Cam Newton is a man on a mission. Just one more game……

I can’t thank enough the people who made these last few opportunities to cover the Panthers’ season possible. JP,  Brett and QC Exclusive, Melissa, Chelsea, Ryan and the Panthers, Jason and WSOCTV and of course my friends and family. These last 3 games are something I will never forget.
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  1. Carrington January 25, 2016

    Amazing photos!!! You captured more than the competitiveness of the game but also the camaraderie amongst the Panther players and the energy and electric atmosphere of the game. Well Done!

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