November 21, 2012


By Jamey Price In Recent Work, Formula 1

When the average American is asked what Formula One is, the general response is something along the lines of…” Yeah. Fast, strange looking cars that run in the Indy 500 right?” Wrong. “Ok, what makes it different?” “Just trust me. Come and Race it.” 

And that is exactly what America did this past weekend.

After five long years, the United States finally had its Grand Prix back. But it was not without hardship. For many months over the last two years, it seemed like the dream would be ripped out from under us….again. But in the end, a passionate group of people stood up against those that didn’t believe, and didn’t want to believe, and built us an AMAZING race track which hosted what appeared to be the perfect Grand Prix weekend.

Working my first Grand Prix weekend as a photographer, I could not have asked for a better atmosphere, or a better race. Yes, of course there were kinks in the silky cloth. But at the end of the day, the energy both in the paddock and in the completely sold out grandstands was something that cannot be manufactured or faked. Everyone, from the drivers, to the mechanics (except for one angry looking man who guarded the Lotus F1 team garage), team managers, photographers, journalists and trackside staff all had a smile on their faces, all weekend long. Everyone felt like F1 had finally come to a place it really needed to be.

Mario Andretti, the last American F1 World Champion said it best, and I completely agree…..”Welcome home, Formula One.”

Note: Similar to my experiences in Barcelona, it is very seldom that a person ever gets to see a life long goal, and career ambition fulfilled. Mine has always been to cover Formula One as a career. Though I am a long way from a full time job in it, I am one step closer to it. I cannot thank those that have helped me along this year, and this race weekend, enough. You know who you are and you know how much your help has meant to me. THANK YOU!

All images © Jamey Price/James Moy Photography 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  1. Russell "Rusty" Cole November 21, 2012

    I have been a fan of your motorsports images since day one and have anticipated your move up that ladder. I look forward to your continued growth as a leading Formula One photographer.

  2. Keri November 21, 2012

    Job very well done there Jamey ! Some absolute belters in there !

  3. Jen Stamps November 21, 2012

    Amazing photos! I just love the one of Heikki!!!

  4. Scott November 21, 2012

    I’m so pleased for your experience and for getting one step (a huge step!) closer to your goal.

    Great images, I hope to do as well for the motor bikes when it’s my turn.

  5. Garen November 21, 2012

    Great series Jamey! Wonderful job of telling the story of the weekend! I went to F1 at Indy for years, SO glad to see the boys back in the US!!

  6. keith mckenna November 21, 2012

    The word awesome is all too often thrown about with wreckless dis-regard for it’s real meaning. It is with that that I have to say that I really am in awe of your work. I study it often to see how I can apply your influence to my own work. You are a personal idol of mine, and I hope to someday have the great fortune of meeting you, working with you and having a cup of coffee with you.
    Here’s to dreams!

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  9. Nick November 22, 2012

    Great, great shots, the best I can remember seeing from a single race weekend. Many congratulations, and I look forward to seeing many more.

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