99% Humidity

Formula One goes to some amazing venues. Monaco. Singapore. Austin. Montreal. Japan. Brazil. But ask any of the drivers which are up there in terms of physically demanding races, and they all put the Malaysian Grand Prix as one of the toughest.  But forget the drivers, the photographers have to endure the conditions too! Oppressive heat. Torrential rain. Blinding sun. More heat and yet still more rain! It’s tough for everyone out there. Read More…


Bulls. Sun. Sebring.

Season 2. Round 1. With a sharp bark, series champion Kevin Conway fires up his V10 Gallardo in the staging area at Sebring International raceway. This place and these cars. Now that is something special. Read More…


12 Hours of Sunscreen

10:15pm on Saturday March 15. The fireworks explode overhead in the night sky. The first 12 hours of Sebring of a truly new American sports car era has ended. And it was a strange one. Look down the pit lane at Sebring and you’ll see the name of the winning manufacturer from each year hanging on the pit lane building. Names like Porsche, Peugeot, Ferrari, Nissan, Audi, Audi, Audi, Audi look out over the iconic track…..and now, A Ford EcoBoost Daytona Prototype hangs with them owned by famed NASCAR owner Chip Ganassi. It’s an unusual sight for sure.  Read More…


Like it….or Not

The car comes to life in the garage in front of me. You can’t see it. But you hear it. It’s 8:58am on Tuesday January 28, 2014 in Jerez, Spain. A new world of Formula 1 is about to begin. Read More…

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Memories from 2013

What a year 2013 has been.

The highlights? Sebastian Loeb’s mesmerizing Pikes Peak run will certainly be something I tell my grand children (or anyone else who will listen) I was there to see, and hear, in person. Formula One in Singapore certainly stands up at the top as well. It is a city and race venue that has to be seen to be believed. NASCAR roaring around the tight oval at Martinsville. Indycar’s turbo madness bouncing around the confining walls of St. Petersburg’s street circuit. A weekend with an inspiring young up & coming driver named Michael Johnson at Mid Ohio. Watching history unfold with MotoGP rookie Marc Marquez swinging like a jungle monkey on his Honda racing bike at Circuit of the Americas to take his first premiere class win. Lamborghini race cars roaring  around Calabogie while I dodged bears, deer,  moose and porcupines in the Canadian wilderness. And of course the grueling Sebring 12 hour race watching the Audi R18′s dance around the flat Florida runways. Each photo below is a memory. Each race a unique challenge in it’s own way. Read More…


The Last Song

I’ll remember it for as long as I live. I was 18 years old and my dad and I were attending our first Formula One race in the flesh. We arrived at Indianapolis motor speedway just prior to the start of free practice 1 on Friday in 2005. Walking up the tall metal stairs on back side of the enormous grandstand, I heard it for the first time. The sound was a screaming V10 engine off in the distance. A high pitched wail that was quickly getting louder, and sharper with each passing millisecond. As we were nearing the top of the steps, the car came screaming by. I have no idea which car it was. I have no idea which driver it was. All I know is that the sound I heard rattled my bones and gave me goosebumps. 
F1 is, and always has been, an assault on the senses.  

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Nothing Comes Close

“Nothing Comes Close.” That is the Singapore Grand Prix marketing tag line. And they could not be more right in any single way. Read More…


Italians on the High Banks at Kansas

Lamborghini; A brand any car aficionado knows and loves. Their ridiculous super cars are for the rich and famous, and sometimes even they cannot afford one {Veneno anyone?}. So when I got a call a few weeks back asking if I would consider being the photographer for the North American Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing series, I was a little shocked and very humbled. And of course my answer was a resounding “YES.” Read More…


Making the Mountain his B!T#H

There are few things that make my mouth drop these days. In our overly health and safety conscious world where mediocrity is celebrated and dangerous feats are no longer attempted just for the sake of doing them, it really takes something special to get the world’s attention turned toward a single event. But Pikes Peak is still one event that makes my jaw drop and a few weeks ago it had the eyes of the world resting upon it for the 91st running of the race to the clouds.  Read More…


Canadian Grand Prix 2013

I love the irony of a scenic island park, lined with trees in the middle of the fast flowing St. Lawrence river in Montreal, combined with the insane decibel level, high octane, billion dollar industry of Formula One. One minute you could be sitting quietly leaning against a tree listening the water flowing by with the birds chirping above you and a groundhog nibbling not 10 feet away, and the next minute your ears are painfully ringing as Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel floors the accelerator letting loose 750 horsepower from his V8 engine.

But that is the what makes the Canadian Grand Prix so wonderful. The irony, the beauty, the power, the fast paced dance of Grand Prix racing on the narrow treelined roads of this island motorsport paradise

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