June 23, 2015

A Hero Comes Home

By Jamey Price In Recent Work, Sports Car Racing

I was sitting on my couch watching the halftime show of the 2015 NFL Super Bowl. Anyone that’s a fan of car racing had been told to hold their breath for a massive announcement by Japanese manufacturer Nissan, and it’s future racing car. So there I waited. And then it came. A multi million dollar ad aired on primetime during the US’s biggest sporting event which officially announced what we all had heard rumors of, and gave us a first glimpse of a race car unlike we had seen before. Different in every way. Nissan was going back to Le Mans after 15 years absence with a wild and radical front wheel drive, front engined monster. 

Little did I think, and definitely didn’t expect, that I would get a call to be at Le Mans, my first time covering the famed 24 hour race (but not my first time attending) as one of the photographers telling the story of Nissan’s return to Circuit de la Sarthe. Did the project succeed? That is open to debate. The team successfully crossed the line with one of it’s 3 cars, and gained valuable track time and data for next year. But the car was plagued with problems and spent a huge amount of time in the pits. The mechanics worked a 60 hour shift to get the cars ready, and keep them running through the race. It was a monumental effort worth celebrating at the end of the race on Sunday. In many aspects, it was a success. But one that Nissan is being very humble about simply because the cars finished far from the front of the field. But that will come. The right ingredients exist for on track success.

So, without waxing on any further about the project, the car, the people involved in it, or anything else, I give you my selection of images from Nissan’s return to Le Mans.

I can’t thank Patrick, Chris, and the entire fantastic team at Nissan enough for their hospitality, laughs and general banter throughout the weekend. I couldn’t have imagined covering Le Mans this early in my career, much less working with such a large project at the highest level of motorsport. I am truly honored. I was only one very small part of this team and I strongly encourage you to check out Nissan’s Flickr page to see the entire selection that Patrick, Chris and I made over our week in France with Nissan.

JPrice_NissanLeMans15-2824 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-2835 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-2852 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-2897JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3058 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3172 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3193 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3197 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3326 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3469JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6013 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3679JPrice_NissanLeMans15-5639 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-5547 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6210JPrice_NissanLeMans15-0792JPrice_NissanLeMans15-0623 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-0467JPrice_NissanLeMans15-9585 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-9891 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-0387 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8225 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8268 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-7892JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8411JPrice_NissanLeMans15-0860 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-0894JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3535JPrice_NissanLeMans15-1113JPrice_NissanLeMans15-1143JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3446 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3544 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3642JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4308JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6479JPrice_NissanLeMans15-5182 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-5440 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6722JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6725JPrice_NissanLeMans15-7529JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6209JPrice_NissanLeMans15-2679JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8086JPrice_NissanLeMans15-1542 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-2737 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3056JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3595 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6982 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-7531JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8421JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8880JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8743 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8766JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4449JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4682JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4355JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6958JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8152JPrice_NissanLeMans15-3110JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4009 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4174 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4211JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4420JPrice_NissanLeMans15-8499JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4761JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4438 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4541 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4709 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4888JPrice_NissanLeMans15-7168JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4081JPrice_NissanLeMans15-6948JPrice_NissanLeMans15-7698JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4838 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4847 JPrice_NissanLeMans15-4938

All Images © Jamey Price / Nismo

  1. Rick June 23, 2015

    As always great shots, I really enjoy your racing pics. Do you suffer from an adrenaline dump and crash after shooting events like this ?

  2. Jamey Price June 23, 2015

    Very much. It’s hard. But a day on the lake or a day fishing can cure anything 😉

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